Some homeowners in Louisiana may want to consider this latest trend.

A report says that more homeowners are now installing an additional dishwasher in their home and it's for obvious reasons.

Like so many of you, I too despise doing dishes at home, and when you add cleaning pots into the mix of things my disgust for the chore is multiplied.

So, some homeowners have decided to invest in an additional dishwasher just to wash pots and pans, while other dishes are being cleaned in a separate dishwasher.

Those who have added a dishwasher to their kitchen now say that they'll never live in a house with just one dishwasher after having the luxury of another.

Sure, you'll have to have the space and proper plumbing for an additional dishwasher, but if this helps eliminate the scrubbing and washing of additional pots and pans, it may be worth the investment.


As with any trend on the internet, there are those who question why you need an additional dishwasher when you can simply wash pots and pans by hand or wait until one load is complete in the current dishwasher.  And those are all valid points.

However, we live in a very fast-paced society and people want things done quickly now, so an additional dishwasher in the kitchen may be the answer for some.

So, if you happen to visit and friend or family member anytime soon at their home and you notice two dishwashers in their kitchen, just know that they have picked up on this latest trend.

By the way, this actually isn't a bad idea for large families. We all know how quickly dishes pile up in the average kitchen and an additional dishwasher in the home may just be the help you need.



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