I learned a valuable lesson today: don't put the groceries on the stove when you come in from the store.

I went to NuNu's the other day to buy groceries. Being a guy, I carried in all 18 bags of groceries in one fell swoop (who wants to go back out to the car when you can get them all in at once, right?) and I put them on the stove. I had to run to the bathroom, and when I got back there was smoke all through the kitchen.

I freaked out a little bit, and then realized that the "Hot Surface" light was illuminated on the stove, so I quickly checked the knobs and, sure enough, one was set to "High".  I turned it to "Off" and picked up the bags of groceries real quick-like, but the damage was done.

Have you ever smelled burnt Rice Krispies?  It is WORSE than burnt popcorn!  (I looked it up: "burnt" is a word! Who knew?)

Anyhoot, I learned to NEVER put anything on the stove.  I used to put the mail there when I came in from outside.  My phone, a note pad, the blender; all of them were put on the stove at one time or another.  Never again!

Thanksgiving Safety Tips From State Fire Marshal

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