Most of us will buy something that has been previously owned because we can save a little money. Or in some cases, a lot of money. MSN Money News has put together a list of things you should never buy brand new, mainly because of the depreciation rate, or high markup. Good advice, for sure! Their list is below. Happy shopping, friends.


  • Cars - the owner of a new car takes the brunt of the drop in value. The optimum time to buy a previously owned vehicle is when it's around three years old
  • Movies - you can save up to 50% by buying used
  • Boats - value drops 25-33% the second it leaves the lot. They also cost more to insure
  • Motorcycles - you can save almost 50% by buying previously owned bikes
  • Apple products - the best time to buy a used device is right before the company updates to a newer version
  • RV's - you can save thousands of dollars by buying a used RV. New they can cost up to $140,000, and used can be around $23,000. That's a huge drop in price
  • Clothing - secondhand stores are big business in the USA, and you can honestly save up to 90% off the retail price by shopping at a thrift shop
  • Jewelry - the markup on diamonds can be as high as three times the actual cost of the stone
  • Sports gear - kids grow out of recreational gear quickly, so your best bet is to get it used from stores like Play It Again Sports
  • Books - if they have already been read, and are in good shape, you can get previously owned books for a fraction of the original retail value
  • Furniture - not sure I agree with this one, but you can save a ton of money on shipping alone if you buy used furniture locally, instead of ordering it new on the internet

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