Look, I'm not enitrely sure what's going on here, but when I saw it, I instantly loved it.

An Instagram user posted the following video of a man who is using the body and, more importantly, motor of his lawn mower to power what appears to be a floating dock, turning it into a makeshift boat. Presumably because who can afford a new boat in this economy?

Here's the video.

In the caption for the video, Instagram user Gabe Spencer (who goes by @gspencer_1 on the social media app) says "This is why I love East Texas!!! This boat was so awesome they just left the whole damn mower on the back to power this killer vessel! Talk about custom! Tag a buddy that you know would love this!"

Just incredible ingenuity, and truly one of the most Deep South things I've ever seen. Look at this feat of engineering.

East Texas man makes boat using floating dock and lawnmower.
Credit: Gabe Spencer (gspencer_1) on Instagram

Absolutely iconic, right down to the American flag swimsuit and shirt with the sleeves clearly cut off, and protecting that engineer's brain with the proper cover. This is someone who knows what he's doing.

That absolutely looks like a great way to party, and it's arguably the most redneck thing ever. This man, whoever he is, should be hailed as a hero for his innovation. This is a party barge, and this man clearly knows how to party.

Have you ever seen anything like it? Have you ever built anything like it?

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