For some people, they are what's wrong with America. For others, they are simply the next generation finding their way just like generations before them. They are the much-maligned millennials. 

Who are the millennials? Well in a broad sense they are the generation that was born between 1980 and 2001. Basically, they are the generation that are becoming young adults now. Their generation is a lot different than the Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y.  At least members of those generations would tell you that.

The Urban Land Institute recently did a survey of cities that have the kind of life and the quality of life many Millennials relate to. In New Orleans, there is always something to do. The food scene is great too. The cost of living in New Orleans is very attractive to people who are just starting out in their professional life as well.

I am guessing this survey didn't take into account the crime, the hurricanes, the occasional rat the size of a Buick, and mosquitoes large enough to use the airport to land.

Some of the other cities Time Magazine noted in their survey were Virginia Beach and Richmond Virginia.  San Bernadino also made the list. To me, the real head scratcher is Memphis Tennessee. Did they actually go to Memphis and see what was there? It won't take long to look.

Personally, I didn't know that millennials even went outside. I figured they were too busy with their fidget spinners, video games, social media, and fear of gluten to dare set foot out into a world that isn't fair. I probably am being overly critical. Okay, I am being overly critical.

This millennial generation has a lot going for it. They aren't us and they aren't supposed to be. If they are the way they are it's because we as parents made them that way. I think wherever this next generation chooses to live they will make that place, even Memphis, a lot better.



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