Many of us have hosted at least one Thanksgiving celebration. Many have come to regret it. Most millennials don’t care to even attend, let alone host. The New York Post reports, a recent poll of 2000 Americans aged 18 to 38 indicates nearly 7 out of 10 (68%) prefer a "Friendsgiving" gathering.

62% of the respondents say they don’t enjoy attending a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Why the disdain? They don’t care about family drama. Politics, religion, and sex used to be forbidden topics of discussion at such gatherings. That’s no longer the case, and our country is seemingly the most divided it’s been since the Nixon era.

Millennials don’t care for answering probing personal questions from relatives. They prefer to celebrate with like-minded peers. Not all traditions are being axed, however.
They still want to celebrate with traditional dishes, like turkey, dressing, ham, etc.

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