If it's not on Instagram, did you even Halloween?

What happened to just enjoying a holiday without having to document every moment? Seriously. It's this idea of "pic or it didn't happen." And what's worse is that some believe that if you don't get a certain number of likes on a post then it wasn't worth posting in the first place.

This seems to be the reason why a good chunk of millennials spent money on Halloween in the first place.

A survey for CompareCards by Lending Tree recently found that millennials' Halloween budgets were greatly affected by social media. In fact, 48 percent of millennials admitted that they purchased Halloween items so they could post them on social media. That's about four in 10 millennials in search of "likes" instead of spooks.

What about other generations? When it comes to spending money on Halloween for the sake of Halloween, five percent of baby boomers, 30 percent of Gen X, and 37 percent of Gen Z admitted to doing the same. I think it's safe to say that the need to be active and adored of social media has peaked with millennials.

Do you think you got a good social media ROI this Halloween?

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