As a young man in his twenties, there are MANY things I do not know yet. If life is a video game, then I'm still on the loading screen.

There are also a lot of things that I do know, but somehow I ALWAYS mess them up.

I find that a lot of people my age deal with a lot of the same struggles, so I hope that you can empathize with one of the issues that are on this list.

6 Things that Millennials Still Screw Up

US Mail (Photo by Justin Sullivan-Getty Images)
US Mail (Photo by Justin Sullivan-Getty Images)

Addressing Mail

I can NEVER remember how to properly address a piece of mail I am trying to send off. It doesn't happen often, but every once in a while I need to ship something off and I always revert to the Google search "how to address a piece of mail".



Zip Code Extension

I never know those random 4 digits that come after my zip code. You barely ever have to know them, so when that one random form comes up and I need to fill out my zip code extension, it's back to Google I go!, 207 Oliver St, Lake Charles, LA 70607, 207 Oliver St, Lake Charles, LA 70607

Cooking Temperatures

Now I love to cook, but I can NEVER remember at what temperature I need to cook different dishes at. My usual routine is as follows; preheat oven to 350 degrees, text my Mom and ask her how to cook whatever I have, adjust oven accordingly. I opt for my Mom rather than Google on this one because she likes when I bug her with cooking questions.


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Life Insurance

Ahh, life insurance. How does it work? Do I need it? Will I EVER get that money back?Lucky for me, I was raised by a Father who has worked in the Insurance Industry for my entire life so I may be more aware of the necessity of life insurance than other millennials. But do I really understand how it works? No, not really.


States That Don't Pay Their Bills on Time

Paying Bills

I have been paying bills for a while now, but I will still find a way to screw it up every now and then. One time, I accidentally paid off my ENTIRE furniture bill on the first month's payment all because I clicked the wrong button.


Christmas, New Year's boot for gifts, full of gift boxes on a dark wooden background. Theme of winter holidays.
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Giving Gifts

Whatever holiday it may be, I am not good at selecting gifts for people. I either wait till the last possible minute, get someone the wrong sized clothing item, or end up blowing it completely and getting them nothing. I truly envy people who are great gift-givers, because I am no good.

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