Picture this, Lafayette: you're a kid, cruising through life with your carefree spirit and boundless energy. You're all about video games, ice cream cones, and Saturday morning cartoons. But hold onto your juice boxes, because there's a whole universe of adult excitement that might just boggle your kiddo mind!

We asked y'all on social media what got you excited that might make kids look at you funny, and you told us in comments, messages, and more. Here are the top responses we got.

Things Lafayette Adults Get Excited For That Kids Find Ridiculous

Buckle up, because we're about to explore 8 things that make Lafayette grown-ups jump for joy while leaving kids scratching their heads and thinking, "Wait, seriously? They're excited about that?"

Gallery Credit: Joe Cunningham

The world of adult excitement is a colorful and often hilarious place, where home renovations, cookware, label makers, vacuum cleaners, artisanal beverages, plants, fashionable footwear, and thrifty treasures reign supreme. Who would've thought that these seemingly mundane things could ignite such passion in grown-up hearts?

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There are solutions all over the Internet for getting tomato stains out of your plastic storage containers, but they always come up short. As it turns out, one kitchen staple is the key to getting rid of one of the most annoying stains in your kitchen.

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