If you've been dancing for rain, more is on the way for much of South Louisiana.

According to Rob Perillo's extended forecast, Acadiana is expected to get another round of storms this week and the timing looks to be late Thursday evening and could linger into Friday morning.

A lot is happening around Acadiana so timing is important, the good news is the weather going into the weekend looks much better than the end of the work week. So, if you're attending any outdoor festivities this weekend in Acadiana, they should not be impacted much by the next round of storms in Louisiana.


However, you should be "weather aware" to end the work week as storms during this time of the year can at times be severe.

We will continue to monitor KATC's forecast in the days ahead and we will provide you with the latest here and on air.

One other reminder, it's probably best to keep your rain gear nearby during this time of the year. In Louisiana, storms are known to "pop up" only to be followed by a beautiful day or night.

Here's a look at the extended forecast for Acadiana.


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