Much of Acadiana is recovering from another round of severe thunderstorms and debris is scattered throughout most communities.

While we don't have any official confirmations of tornadoes in the area from Thursday night, one video that was shot by a doorbell camera in Ossun, Louisiana (near La 93) shows what may have been a tornado in the area.

Some who I spoke to in the Lafayette and Carecnro area report hearing a loud whistle or roar as storms pushed through the area Thursday night.


We've seen photos of trees down on roads, power poles snapped and small sheds flipped over, all signs of powerful winds across Acadiana Thursday evening.

It is estimated that there were over 100,000 people in Louisiana without power after storms swept through the region.

Take a look at this viral video and see if you can spot a possible tornado or funnel cloud just north of Lafayette on Thursday night.


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