Like many college campuses around the country, Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana is having to address protests on campus.

College students are protesting the war in Gaza and are calling for universities across the U.S. to denounce the war.

In recent days we have seen some of these protests on college campuses turn violent and now police are being called in to defuse the situation.

Well, in New Orleans police and university officials have resorted to playing loud music on campus in hopes of drowning out those protesting on campus. According to some on or near the campus, the loud music has only motivated protesters to be louder.

In all less than 20 people on the campus of Tulane have been arrested for trespassing and we have not seen the amount of violence in New Orleans like what we've seen on campuses in Texas, New York, and California.

Turn up the volume and check out how loud the music was on the campus of Tulane as police hoped to silence protesters. I can't imagine how annoying this had to have been for those who reside near the campus in New Orleans.

Here's another video from the campus that shows music still being played late into the evening in New Orleans.

Another video on social media shows police and protesters clashing in New Orleans on public grounds near the campus of Tulane.


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