The mansion that sits at 1140 Royal Street in the New Orleans French Quarter is said to be "The Most Haunted House in New Orleans". Now, the home is up for sale again.

The history of the home is one steeped in tragedy and senseless violence. Dr. Louis Lalaurie bought the home for him and his wife, Delphine Macarty Lalaurie, and two of her daughters. This was the third husband for Delphine.

It is said the two threw lavish parties, and that the socialite's two previous husbands died rather mysteriously.

What was revealed in 1834 when the home caught fire shocked so many people in New Orleans, there was a mob that surrounded the home trying to find the owners.

From New Orleans Historical,

As word of LaLauries' abusive actions surfaced, neighbors became enraged. According to the Bee (newspaper), a crowd of 4,000 people gathered at the Cabildo. Neighbors ransacked the mansion and destroyed what was left of the burned mansion. The LaLauries fled to Lake Pontchartrain and ultimately relocated to Paris.


What we do know is that the owners of the home owned slaves, and it was noted by many that Mrs. LaLaurie treated them deplorably. One slave, chained to the stove, is said to have set fire hoping that someone would rescue everyone in the home.

According to the site French Quarter Phantoms,

In the spring of 1834, LaLaurie Mansion was set ablaze. It revealed the horrific living conditions of a number of slaves who were being tortured, starved, and beaten. The fire was allegedly ignited by a slave who had been chained in the kitchen in an attempt to expose the way that she and others were being treated.

Since that time there have been reports of an untold number of haunting stories associated with the property. In the years since the fire and discovery, the home had many different owners and functions. At one time it was a girls' school and then a home for indigent men. Today it is owned by a Texas businessman.

There have been eerie and strange reports over the years. When it was a girls' school, many young women would end up with scratches and bruises which they attributed to "the lady".

According to the website, LaLaurie was first investigated for cruelty to an enslaved person in 1828.

While the home is privately owned, meaning you can't go into the home, you can stand outside to view it during one of the many ghost tours offered in New Orleans. The following are just a few of the places that offer tours:

French Quarter Phantom Tours

Haunted History Tours

Ghost City Tours

New Orleans Ghost Adventure Tours

The Witches Brew Tour Company

The house, which actor Nicolas Cage once owned is said to be up for sale for $10.25 million.

Many people have suggested that the property should be bought and opened as a museum.

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