Squid Game on Netflix is the most talked about series right now, and Squid Game masks are going to be the most popular Halloween costume this year.

Where To Buy Squid Game Masks

Netflix's Squid Game contains some interesting and instantly recognizable costumes, mainly with the "Squid Game Soldiers" and "The Boss".

The "Squid Game Soldiers" wear a costume that is sort of a cross between a hazmat suit and an Olympic fencing uniform. They all wear interesting black fencing masks with either a square, circle, or a triangle on them indicating their respective levels of authority.

Squid Game Masks
Netflix Via YouTube


"The Boss" wears a fancy suit and an interesting 3D, pixilated face type thing if that makes any sense.

Squid Game Boss Mask
Netflix Via YouTube


As soon as I started watching Squid Game last weekendI just knew the costumes would be a big hit  this year if someone could get them manufactured fast enough for sale before Halloween 2021.

To my surprise, Squid Games masks are indeed now available!

Thesquidmask.co has all three "Soldier" masks available as well as "The Boss" mask, and they look really good.

From Thesquidmask.co  -

"Halloween is around the corner and it is your best time to go for an mask that gives the scariest vibes to squash everyone up. Give your style a bit of a spooky and cringy look with this Squid Game Soldier Mask.

The Soldier Mask is inspired by the Netflix series 'Squid Game' where more than a hundred people are under the control of soldiers.  Also, the mask is designed to fit you perfectly and gives you an exquisite look!"

The price is pretty good as well at $29.95 for either one.

Order your Squid Game mask over at Thesquidmask.co.


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