South Louisiana has many stories, but nothing may be better than a good story regarding spirits.

As we approach Halloween you will begin to hear of spirits that are roaming and places in the area that some would consider to be haunted.

While you may or may not believe in spirits or ghosts, with the use of technology, some are beginning to build some good cases about spirits still on Earth.

Having grown up in South Louisiana, like some of you, I too heard of many stories about spirits roaming around. For one, I can recall hearing about a spirit on a horse, but the man on the horse was often "seen" with no head.


That story originates from an area in Evangeline Parish. Friends of mine say that they or someone that they know have seen the headless man on the horse near a bridge, but I cannot say that I've ever witnessed it myself.

It is only fitting that people in the area where this bridge is located, between Eunice and Mamou, had labeled it "Headless Bridge."

Another bridge that is haunted in south Louisiana is in Broussard. The bridge there is known as, "Mary Jane's Bridge."

The story associated with that bridge is that a young woman was thrown from that bridge many years ago and her body was never recovered. Those who have been near that location say that her spirit is still there.

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We have a colleague in our building who said once when her grandparents approached the bridge in their car, it started to make the loudest noise ever. So, they decided to turn around, and after getting far enough away from the bridge in question, the noise stopped and it never returned.

One more bridge to highlight here is in Sunset, La. "Marland's Bridge" reportedly messes with the radio in your vehicle when crossing it. Some even say that a spirit in a white gown can be seen occasionally hovering over the structure.

While you may or may not believe in spirits, it is still fascinating to hear eyewitness accounts from some of these areas.

if you have a good "Ghost Story" please feel free to share it with us by clicking HERE.


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