It was three years ago that the city of Breaux Bridge received a grant to repaint its iconic bridge. Now Mayor Ricky Calais tells KLFY they plan to put the leftover grant money to good use.

If you'll remember it was back in September 2020 that it was announced the Department of Transportation and Development had given the green light for repairs and a makeover for the historic bridge over the Teche.

The project to refurbish the look of the bridge took 40 weeks, but the work is beautiful, and now the bridge will get even better looking. The new update will provide even more fun to the iconic-looking bridge.

Calais says they will be able to install LED lights on four parts of the bridge. The lights will be able to change color to reflect whatever season or timeframe we might be in.

Calais says,

I like the fact that we have people who visit Breaux Bridge from all around the country and really around the world. Now to be able to have pictures I would suspect in many cases they'll come back in the evening to be able to take pictures with the bridge lit up in the background.

It will be another reason for people to visit, shop, eat, and then take pictures of the beauty that is Breaux Bridge. It is one of the coolest places around. Editors of Travel Curator recently published "35 of the Best and Coolest Small Towns in the US". The writers have placed the city of Breaux Bridge on this list.

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