Louisiana Governor Jeff Landry has seen enough.

Hundreds of people were left stranded on two bridges in Lake Charles during the arctic freeze in South Louisiana and Gov. Landry says that if there was a new bridge in the city this would not have happened.

Many reported being stuck on the two bridges leading in and out of Lake Charles, that being the I-10 and 210 bridges.

Landry says State Police are looking into what went wrong during the hard freeze and looking into why motorists were even allowed to get on the bridges under such dangerous conditions.

KLFY-TV reports that Gov. Landry says that his administration will get a new bridge for Lake Charles, unlike the previous administration in charge.

Porche Aerial Imagery via YouTube
Porche Aerial Imagery via YouTube

In a statement, Landry said the following about his proposal, “We’re going to get the same bridge and over five miles of new interstate and frontage roads, but the cost is going to be 25% less,”

Landry added that the majority of the tolls collected to support this project would come from those outside of Louisiana, who are entering.

There is no time frame for this project to start, but we will continue to follow the story and provide more updates here as they become available.

We should note here that for years many in the Laker Charles area have asked and pleaded for a new bridge, so we assume that this is music to the ears of some.


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