Those folks at the Acadiana Park Nature Station had better keep an eye on their new footbridge, as it may just grow legs and walk away: someone stole a similar bridge in Ohio.

The Independent reports that a 58-foot bridge was stolen from a field in Ohio, and authorities are scratching their heads.

Just for clarification: THE ENTIRE BRIDGE WAS STOLEN. All 10-feet-wide, 58-feet-long, $40,000'-worth of it.

The story says that the deck boards were taken last month and, at some point since then, the rest of the bridge was (presumably) dismantled and carted off.

And before I forget, the reason I said that the Acadiana Park Nature Station should keep an eye on its bridge is this:

Lafayette Consolidated Government
Lafayette Consolidated Government

Does that look familiar? Compare this photo of the new footbridge at the Acadiana Park Nature Station with the one that was stolen in the Twitter photo above and you'll see a striking resemblance!

Now I'm not saying that the Lafayette Consolidated Government had anything to do with the disappearance of the bridge in Ohio: I'm just saying that it's an interesting coincidence. (Insert LOL emoji here.)

Authorities in Ohio, according to the Independent, say that whoever stole the bridge was able to disassemble it piece-by-piece, as the structure is described as being "Lego-like". All the thieves had to do was use a socket and ratchet set, undo a few bolts on each piece, and then make off with the loot.

What would someone do with a 10-foot-wide, 58-foot-long bridge that isn't assembled? Authorities aren't sure, but they are certain of one thing: they won't be selling it as scrap.

A member of the Akron, Ohio Police Department, one of the agencies investigating the crime, told the Independent that the material used in the construction of the bridge is some sort of polymer. Not aluminum, not steel, not any other material that would have any value at the scrap yard.

This is a head-up for anyone who has someone contact them to try to sell a bridge (with some assembly required, of course!). Buyer beware!

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