A cancer survivor in Lafayette is asking for the return of a sentimental ring that was stolen from her.

According to her social media post, Morgan Rees was awoken this morning by the Lafayette City Police with some bad news: her car had been burglarized.

Rees states, in her post, that her car was parked at a residence off of Congress Street in Lafayette. It appears that other items were stolen, but the only thing Rees is pleading for is the return of that ring.

Rees goes on to explain why the ring has sentimental value.

It appears that the ring first entered her family when her father bought it, as it was the ring he used to ask for Rees's mother's hand in marriage: her parent's engagement ring.

But, the sentimental value goes deeper than that.

KATC TV3 is reporting that last year, as Rees was undergoing cancer treatments, the ring was gifted to her on her birthday.

I was given this for my birthday when I was doing cancer treatment and it means the world to me.

Morgan's words probably barely scratch the surface of how much the ring means to her and, trying to put myself in her shoes, I know I'd be VERY upset if I lost the ring I wear, which is only a replica of my father's ring.

Since the ring was gifted to her, Morgan has beaten cancer!

via Morgan Rees, Facebook
via Morgan Rees, Facebook

She is asking everyone to keep an eye out for the ring, especially pawn shops/second-hand shops, anyone purchasing a ring "off the street".

Rees realizes that there is little chance of getting the ring back, but it appears she has hopes and believes that miracles can happen.

I know the likelihood of getting it back is slim but if any local pawn shops see it or someone looking at one please notify me.

I am hoping that the ring turns up for Morgan. With your help, it might! Please keep an eye out for the ring.

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