If you have a ringdoor bell camera you are already one step closer to $1 Million.

The company is running a contest called, "Million Dollar Search For Extreterriestials" until Nov. 3rd and if you happen to catch something on your camera you could score HUGE money.

So, what is it that Ring wants footage of? Well, that would be video footage of an alien.

Sure, this is a great marketing ploy by the company, but with Halloween rapidly approaching, they may be flooded with submissions in the weeks ahead.

I have even suggested that my son get into an alien costume so that we can attempt to win the $1 Million, but don't tell them about my plan.


According to Ring, "If someone does send in legit footage of aliens, they'll get $50,000 a year for the next two decades."

Now, Ring does know that many will try to fake this, so they are actually going to reward someone with a $500 gift card for the most creative video, which is fake.

People reported on this story and I am certain that Ring has already had many submissions. So, get to producing and recording, and best of luck.


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