If you are interested in UFOs, then the story below is really very interesting. In 1973, two men in Pascagoula, Mississippi got off of work and decided to fish.

Their lives changed forever. Now Netflix has a show called, "Files of the Unexplained" and the first episode is called "File: Pascagoula Alien Abduction".

Questions have continually persisted about what they saw. At the time, other people did not share their stories; however, years later many people came forward to saw they too had seen something that night.

Calvin Parker struggled with the experience his entire life. Calvin even says he was visited another time. Charles Hickson says he was later visited again by the creatures.

In 2020, a recording of the time they spoke to law enforcement was uncovered. The sheriff they spoke to secretly recorded the men when officers were out of the room, and the recording details how scared the two men were.

The entire story is chronicled in the series.

ORIGINAL STORY (10/23/23):

It's hard to believe that with everything that the universe holds, we could be the only beings here, but it's not like we have seen an alien ship land on the lawn of the White House.

As far as we know, no little green men have had high-level conferences with Congressmen, but what we do have over the years are all kinds of stories and sightings from all over the globe.

The story isn't just in far-flung regions of America or the world. Many of the stories you hear are a lot closer to home.

One story that has persisted for 50 years is the situation that happened to Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker on October 11, 1973, in Pascagoula, Mississippi according to WLOX.

The two men were simply fishing off of a pier on the river when their lives changed forever. We can only speculate what happened, but for these men, it was real. Parker said in his 2018 book, "The Closest Encounter", that he and Hickson,

"We got abducted, took aboard, we got examination and then we got put back out."

While both men have since died, their words live on not only in Parker's writings but in the statements that the two men gave to the county sheriff's office about what happened to them.

After the event in 1973, Parker did not really ever talk about his experiences, and he had a mental breakdown requiring hospitalization twice. Hickson gave many interviews, and he even claims he was contacted other times in his life.

As far as what happened, there were news reports during the time after the two men reported what happened to the Jackson County Sheriff's Department. Both men's statements were also recorded.

Pascagoula History 2 Men Claim to Have Been Abducted by UFO
Photo courtesy of WKRG When asked about it, people in the community had mixed opinions about what really happened. The media has continually covered the story.

When asked about it, people in the community had mixed opinions about what really happened. The media has continually covered the story.

One thing is for certain though, Rebecca Davis was instrumental in getting a marker at the site where the alleged encounter and abduction happened. The city even has a celebration each year to remember what happened.

Parker shared things with her about his experience and then wrote his first book, followed by another. She says neither man really ever spoke about it until Parker started in 2018.

Davis says, "I think he hungered for that human acceptance."

WKRG has even more information on what the men described to authorities and in subsequent interviews.

No matter what, over the course of their lives, the men stuck to their story.

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