Warmer days are rapidly approaching and most in Louisiana will soon be planning a beach trip to the Emerald Gulf Coast.

Let's admit it, those who love the beach in South Louisiana love the sand and water in Florida, and often Louisiana takes over the Gulf Coast from Gulf Shores, Ala. to Panama City Beach, FL

Well, while the water may be crystal clear right now along the Gulf Coast, that didn't stop one beachgoer from reluctantly getting into the water after she spotted a "dark spot" in the water.

Not knowing what this may be, she posted this photo in a Facebook group and many were quick to suggest what they thought it was in the water.

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Sure, some came up with some entertaining answers like it's an alien or UFO underwater, but then there were those with much more reasonable answers.

Many who commented under the photo you see here from the Gulf Coast said that this dark spot in the water is a school of fish.

In particular, many who commented on the photo said that what you see here in this photo is a bait ball a school of bait fish. Often when you see this in the water, you will spot much larger fish, and depending on the depth of the water you could even see dolphins nearby.

In the months ahead if you're at the beach and you notice such a "dark spot" in the water, chances are it's a school of bait fish, and not it's not an alien or submerged UFO.

Here's a closer look at this massive school of small fish in the gulf.

Shiela Johnson
Shiela Johnson


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