When vacation rolls around there are hordes of families who will descend along America's shorelines to have a little fun in the sun. Most of the people in Louisiana love to visit Destin, Florida, Pensacola, Florida, or the really popular Orange Beach, Alabama.

Florida's emerald coast is such a beautiful place to sit on the beach, have a beverage, play in the sand with your kids, and get to know your family again.

It's also a place for an escape without the kids, just the adults. It's time to cut loose and let all the troubles of home evaporate with the bright sunshine and the sound of the waves.

If you're planning such a trip, we have ideas on everything you need at the beach to make the trip the most fun.


Woman at the Beach
Photo courtesy of PR Media, cBZ4IuVGnwE, Unsplash

Several things make it onto the list when it comes to "must-haves". It's time to imbibe with adult beverages. How can you go to the beach without your favorite drinks?

Just, don't forget to stay hydrated by bringing along plenty of water.
And, don't forget snacks. You're on vacation. Bring on the chips, the giant can of deluxe mixed nuts, Twizzlers, chocolate-covered pretzels, or whatever you love. You're on vacation so it's okay to indulge.


One tip we have on the list might seem kind of odd, but I assure you, it's inexpensive but worth its weight in gold.

Must-Haves for the Perfect Beach Trip

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