This did not happen in Louisiana, but imagine you are in your home doing what you normally do each day, but you suddenly hear a very strange noise. You think someone might be breaking into your home! When you go to investigate you find a very large alligator in your kitchen! All 8 feet of him!

This sounds just like something that would happen in Louisiana. And, why hasn't this happened in Louisiana before? We have so many other stories about alligators being found under houses and on back porches, but not a story where an alligator just walks into someone's kitchen.

This wild scenario played out for a woman who lives in Venice, Florida about two weeks ago.

Alligator Stuck Near Kitchen Island
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Here are some statements we might make or questions we might have for this alligator decided to visit a Louisiana kitchen:

Mais, cher, you hungry?

Hey bebe! You want a cup of coffee?

Hey boo! You want a beer?

Y'all, cook some rice!

Get da onions, peppers and celery!

Somebody call da Swamp People!

Mary Hollenbach 2
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When this scenario played out in Venice, Florida WBBH reports that homeowner Mary Hollenbach was a pretty cool customer even when the alligator kept approaching her.

Hollenbach says it was a very surreal experience. She says,

He'd come forward a few feet and then it stopped. Then come forward a few feet more and stop. Then finally, got stuck between my island and stove. It couldn't move anymore. I mean, he was stuck.

That's when Hollenback decided to reach for her phone to call for help. She called for help. She then had sheriff's deputies and officers from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission come out to her home.

Alligator Captured
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The five wildlife officers were able to catch the alligator and remove him from her home.

The other kicker to this story? Hollenbach is from Indiana and moved to Florida only 3 years ago. When asked about how she reacted she said she just remained calm because he's a creature who is just doing what an alligator would do.

What a wild story. There is no word yet on where the alligator was relocated to, but that was the plan of wildlife officers on the scene.

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