A family in Scott, Louisiana recently spotted a small alligator in the grass and that is when they notified authorities of their discovery.

The Scott Police Department posted a photo of the family and the alligator they spotted before it was relocated. According to the SPB Facebook page, the family saw the small alligator while watching a train go by on Caret St (Which is in the middle of the city).

Police called Wildlife and Fisheries once they located the small gator and it was reportedly located in a nearby waterway.

Sure, we're in South Louisiana and there's wildlife everywhere, but when you spot an animal in a place you normally don't see one, it can still be an eye-opening experience.

Check out this adorable photo of the boys who spotted the alligator in the grass as they posed with it before the small alligator was taken away and relocated.

Now, all that we have to keep an eye out for is this small alligator's mother, who probably isn't very far away.

If you see wildlife in Louisiana that needs assistance or needs to be relocated you can call Wildlife & Fisheries at 333-262-2080.

Scott Police Facebook
Scott Police Facebook


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