Commentator Charles Barkley did not hold back on his trolling of the New Orleans Pelicans after their loss to the Oklahoma Thunder in the NBA playoffs.

In the NBA Playoffs Round 1, Game 3, the New Orleans Pelicans played against the Oklahoma Thunder, and the Thunder swamped the Pelicans Saturday night with a final score of the Thunder 106 and the Pelicans 85.

In the commentating after the game on Inside the NBA host, former NBA great Charles Barkley, didn't hold back on what he thought about New Orleans being 3-0 in the series and getting thumped by the Thunder.

Commentator Shaquil O'Neal asks Barklery, "Where they going, Chuck?' and Barkley's response is not complimentary of the Pelicans or of Galveston, Texas. Barkley took aim at the brown water that has always been the staple of beach water in Galveston.

It's tradition when an NBA team wins the NBA finals they take a fancy trip after they have been paid so much money for winning. Barkley says New Orleans only deserves Galveston. Now, please remember, these are his words, not mine.

This video has gone viral as Barkley trolls Galveston Texas and the NOLA Pelicans. The video has gone viral. This video is labeled "Not Safe for Work" as it does contain several curse words but just remember this actually on TNT.

Among the other things he had to say Barkley said the following:

We're not even gonna send them to Cancun, we're gonna send them to Galveston, where the dirty-ass water be washing up on the shore and people think they at the beach. 

The panelists then burst out in laughter. Here is the clip:

New Orleans plays tonight and if they are not successful, they will be eliminated from the tournament.

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