I have been seeing a lot about an event in town called the Pelican Ball. This event is sponsored by the ACA, Acadiana Center for the Arts. The Pelican Ball is an inaugural event that recognizes the people who have shaped the arts in Acadiana through their commitment and service. And what better way to honor these people than by coming together to enjoy a night of food, drink, dance, and art.

Now on the ACA’s website, it says that they will auction off two new Pelicans on Parade.
We have all seen the Pelican’s around town, as they have been around for years. So it got me thinking how did the Pelican’s all start?

Here is what I found out!

Twenty years ago, Acadiana Center for the Arts partnered with artist David Fox and students at several public elementary schools that are served by ACA’s educational programs. They were given the task to design the very first Pelican on Parade. The project quickly began a public movement and became a staple in the Lafayette area.

The Pelican is Louisiana’s state bird so it made complete sense to have these birds as the statues. The pelicans are now placed throughout the city, mainly at tourist locations, and are among the largest temporary public art projects in the city’s history.

Google Maps
Google Maps

By displaying a Pelican on Parade it allows people in the community to know that you are someone who is passionate not only for their community but also someone who is invested in making Acadiana a more vibrant place to live through the arts.

ACA is reintroducing this fundraising event, Pelicans on Parade, in hopes to bring an old tradition back to life.

"We are so excited to bring back an old tradition through a new event," said Sam Oliver, ACA executive director. "We will celebrate the individuals throughout the community who have done exceptional work through fostering art and culture in the Acadiana region."

The original 12 Pelicans will be on display at the ball on December 9, 2021, but will also stay on display for the Art Walk in Downtown Lafayette on December 11, 2021.

This would be a great opportunity to take the family and not only see some beautiful Christmas lights in the Downtown area but will give you a chance to show off some of Acadiana’s amazing talent as well.


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