This past season for the New Orleans Pelicans has been a roller coaster. The team went from the number one seed in the west to barely making the play-in game before losing to the Oklahoma City Thunder. With the lack of improvement for the Pelicans, many in the media and the fans were wondering if the team would just run it back with the hopes of everyone remaining healthy.

Well, yesterday Shams Charania of the Athletic reported that the Pelicans are interested in going after top draft pick guard Scoot Henderson.

With the news of the team's interest in Henderson, fans, and members of the media instantly knew what that meant. It means that either Zion Williamson, Brandon Ingram, or CJ McCollum may be up for a trade. Now many do believe that the Hornets released this information to put pressure on the Pelicans or to raise the price of the number two pick. Now personally I don't believe that Brandon Ingram will be available for trade due to his commitment to the team and his value to the team. Ingram is legitimately a star in the making. And his availability has been better than Williamson's. I also do not believe that Zion Williamson will be the one the team trades. Due to the fact that when healthy this guy has been a top ten player in the league. There's no way you trade Williamson without a package out of this world. And I don't believe that the haul with be worth the trade. So that leaves CJ McCollum. I believe if the team packages McCollum, young guys, and picks then Scoot Henderson is attainable. I understand that a lot of fans are upset with Ingram and Williamson but the trade has to be for a package with McCollum instead of the other two.

Now I would love a guard like Henderson. In this version of the league having a top guard like Henderson can get you to the next level. And let's be honest Jose Alvarado is a great backup, and so is Dyson Daniels. I don't see either becoming a great starter for the Pelicans. They are in the role-player category. So the trade definitely makes sense.

Social Media's Reaction to Scoot Henderson News

I personally am at the point where I can get down with getting rid of McCollum and picks. But I don't want to lose Trey Murphy or Herb Jones. Because if Denver showed us anything, you can win by building through the draft and overcoming injuries. Let's not forget that Denver had injury issues with Jamal Murray and Michael Porter Jr for two straight years. But they waited for their guys and they won a championship. The Pelicans have championship talent they just need to get healthy. If you can keep Zion, Murphy, Ingram, and Herb Jones while getting Scoot Henderson then I think you make the move. if you can't then I would give this team another year.

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