This time last year the Pelicans were on the verge of turmoil. It began with the report that Zion Williamson would be healthy & ready for game 1. As we know that turned out to be far from the truth and you couple that with tensions built between Williamson and executive vice president of basketball operations David Griffin. On top of the rumor that Griffin annoyed Williamson with repetitive piano playing sessions, the team was in turmoil.

Now fast forward to this upcoming season and the team releases the funniest schedule announcement video. The video is centered around David Griffin playing the piano and Williamson reacting to it at the end.

This video shows the wherewithal and understanding of the internet by the social media department for the Pelicans and David Griffin himself. The Pelicans continue to show how the franchise is on the up and up. From the owner Mrs. Benson all the way to the social media team, this organization is striving for excellence.

The Pelicans easily have the best social media team in the NBA. Whether it's poking fun at Lakers fans or throwing shade at the NBA for not recognizing Herb Jones. You have to give them credit because they have earned it. They are easily the funniest social media department in the NBA.

This team is just getting started. I can not wait to see how the social media team responds when the Pelicans have an amazing season next year. The internet will not be ready for this team, organization, the media, and fans when the Pelicans start winning next year.

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