You gotta have a gimmick! At least, that's what typically makes any item easier to sell.

When you are selling something you want people to be able to identify with the items or have something fun to think about when it comes to selling so the buyer is more inclined to buy.

If you're selling Girl Scout cookies, they are already delicious, but let's be honest here.....the competition to sell can be stiff.

The cookies are already so good everyone wants to sell them, and each one of us probably gets hit up twice a day by people we know asking us if we want to buy cookies!

Skeleton Wearing Girl Scout Uniform
Photo courtesy of Donnie Louviere Facebook

The idea for the giant prop to help sell the cookies came from a neighbor who lives near Rene Brinlee and her daughter Leila. Donnie Louviere loves his 12-foot skeleton. He's had him on display since Halloween, and he offered Leila the chance to dress up the skeleton and have it in her yard according to the Advocate.

According to what the Brinlees have told the Advocate, the skeleton is very popular with people coming over and wanting to take pictures with it. Because of the social media attention, Leila has received orders from California, Florida, Idaho, Oregon, and Texas.

Juliette the Skeleton
Photo courtesy of Rene Cupre Brinlee Photo

The skeleton even has a name. They are calling her Juliette after the founder of the Girls Scouts founder Juliette Gordon Low.

Rene Brinlee designed the whole costume for her daughter. Leila told Megan Wyatt at the advocate that she is afraid of skeletons so when she came home to find a big giant skeleton in her home she freaked out. She says,

When I saw it, I ran back into the kitchen screaming. I was not expecting it there.

So, what will the funding be used for? Part of it will likely be about pets according to Leila. Here's an excerpt from the Advocate article,

"Brinlee said proceeds from this year's cookie sales will likely benefit Acadiana Animal Aid because the Troop has been especially interested in pets lately. The girls toured the nonprofit shelter earlier in the season and earned their pet badge. Now, they're hoping to donate supplies and funds to the organization.

If you haven't been bombarded with people asking you to buy cookies yet, don't worry. There is actually a cookie finder on the Girl Scout website. You can even buy cookies right from there.

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