A woman fishing in a lake in Austin, Texas reeled in a fish that she truly was not expecting to find in the water of Lady Bird Lake according to KLFY.

Callie White had spent about an hour fishing when her line started to jerk so she started to reel in a fish, but what made it so different was what kind of fish was on her line.

She was in the process of reeling in her catch when she noticed that this seemed like a carp with plenty of color.

What did she reel in? Well, it's a fish that's in the carp family. She brought in a 30-pound Koi Fish. Now while they are part of the carp family, they are obviously not native to Texas.

You can't help but wonder if someone who lives right near the lake just decided they didn't want the time and expense anymore of taking care of their koi fish pond so they did a Free Willy/Finding Nemo-kind of thing.

Here's a picture of the fish White caught on the banks of Lady Bird Lake:

Koi Fish
Phoot courtesy of Colton Eubanks via KXAN & KLFY

It was a really strange find as was pointed out by Texas Wildlife officials these are the fish that you will find in Lady Bird Lake

  • Largemouth bass
  • Catfish
  • Sunfish
  • Common Carp

And this was no common carp. I don't know about you, but I just thought koi fish were just giant goldfish, I swear! But, that is not the case.

Eventually, we hope to find out if officials can figure out exactly how the fish got into the lake, but either way, watch a catch for White!

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