It's absolutely amazing what things and topics can go viral on social media. And, for the Lafayette native, she is getting plenty of love on social media including TikTok according to the Acadiana Advocate.

Colette Bernard has made a name for herself by selling her hair clips! You got that right, her hair clips! People absolutely adore them. She has half a million shares on TikTok, and her Festival International hair clip is hugely popular.

Whether you are looking for the amazingly popular Festival International hair clip, other clips, blankets, or scarves designed and created by Bernard, you will be able to find them while you're at Festival International this weekend by visiting the shop, Cocodrie by Colette at 515 Jefferson in downtown Lafayette and her website,

Her popularity has continued to soar in recent months as her hair clips are made for a variety of different professions including the following:

  • Dentists and their staff, a clip featuring a bloody wisdom tooth, a clip featuring a tooth
  • Accountants and their staff, a clip featuring a calculator
  • Movie/Films, a clip featuring a film reel
  • Doctors and health-related staff, a clip featuring a heart
  • Pharmacists, a clip featuring a medicine bottle
  • Computers, a clip featuring the arrow from a mouse
  • Road Workers, a clip featuring a traffic cone. This is the design that has everyone sharing her TikTok videos.

These are only a few examples of her designs. She offers regular-size clips along with extra-large clips for ladies who have very long hair.

Colette was featured on the The Tea Podcast back in 2019:

You can check out her talent below, as someone purchased the Festival International clip:

Check out more of her talented artwork below:

For the information you need about Festival International, click here.

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