Students across the country have been protesting the war in Gaza on college campuses and the protesting has reached the LSU campus in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

However, unlike in places like California, protesters who are pro-Palestine were met with much opposition at LSU.

Those demanding that Israel stop their attack on Palestine started a protest in front of the LSU Union Friday afternoon and that is when other students on campus showed up to show their support for the USA.

lsu campus

You can hear students chanting "USA, USA" while protesters attempted to get their point across, and some even reported bringing up sports while the protest was underway.

In some videos I came across on X, you can even hear some LSU students chanting their support for former U.S. President Donald Trump.

We've yet to see any violence from the campus in Baton Rouge, but we will continue to monitor the situation at LSU.

Sadly, we've seen violence on campuses during these types of protests at USC, Columbia University, UCLA, Tulane, and other major college campuses.

Take a look at what unfolded Friday afternoon from LSU.


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