An amateur news reporter braved the elements Monday evening in Lafayette, Louisiana as storms swept across the region.

Winds embedded in these storms reached hurricane-level speeds, but that did not stop one young man from leaving his house and entering the elements to "report" from the storms.

As the rain came down parallel to the ground, this guy in Lafayette reported from his yard and the kicker to the story came when he said that a tornado could bring an alligator to your house.


As far-fetched as that is, we have seen a number of photos of alligators in places where they shouldn't be since the storm came across the area. Perhaps this report was a bit accurate.

Check out this entertaining video below, but we do remind you that it can be VERY dangerous to expose yourself to such elements. A lot of debris was flying around as storms entered Acadiana and you never want to put yourself at risk of being injured.

Turn up the volume for this viral video.


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