Whether you hear news from your local favorite radio station or you are watching a local newscast being broadcast by a local station, news tends to be a serious business. If something goes wrong, however, the news can end up being a pretty funny business.

Most newscasts contain information that you need for your local level. Obviously, most of us also catch the news to find out what is happening across our country and across our globe.

Most newscasts bring us news often to make decision about local matters, local traffic, and what is happening with the weather.

Broadcasters Wear Fox Costumes

But, what happens when things go badly? Television news bloopers are a fun way to get a laugh when life seems too serious. One of the bloopers in the video from YouTube contains two newscasters who are live on the air when all of the computers go down. They decided to play charades.

Several of the bloopers feature animals that have gone wild. One animal, Dennis the Emu, is on a leash in the news studio surrounded by four broadcasters. Apparently, Dennis likes things that are shiny so with the ladies wearing jewelry he decided to move around several times. He also really wanted to put his face in the face of the male newscaster.

Another segment has two newscasters laughing hilariously when the graphic on the television monitor reads "Crackdown" and the scene is a picture of a bunch of people wearing bathing suits on the beach. There is also another segment where "nuts" come up in the discussion leading broadcasters to fumble around with the right words to bring the discussion back to normal.

Broadcasters Laughing

These bloopers from "News Be Funny" on YouTube will give you a great laugh today:

And sometimes the words just come out wrong:

If you're live on TV you need to pay attention:

And, this blooper actually ruins a surprise:

Here are some of the best Valentine's bloopers:

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