Louisiana, like most other states, has some rather usual laws on the books, and there's one law that we want you to be aware of as we approach Valentine's Day.

In the days ahead, many will be purchasing things for the ones they love and some of us may even have what we purchase for our loved ones delivered to them.

Sure, you may send things like flowers, chocolates, or balloons to someone you love, or you may think outside the box.

We all have our favorite food and for many guys that includes pizza. Knowing that some in Louisiana may elect to order their loved one their favorite pizza and have it delivered to them at home or work on Valentine's Day.


Well, that's where the problem comes in. It is illegal in the state of Louisiana to send someone a pizza without their consent. Yes, it's one of those weird laws on the books.

However, I highly doubt that you if you send a loved one their favorite pizza on Valentine's Day they'll report you to authorities. But, you never know and the penalty for sending someone a pizza without their consent in Louisiana comes with a $500 fine.

So, if you plan to surprise someone this Valentine's Day with their favorite pizza and you plan to have it delivered to them, you legally need to let them know what's coming.

Or you can chance it and hope they appreciate the gesture and don't report you for a simple delivery on "Single's Awareness Day."


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