Jurrasic Quest is coming to Lafayette, Louisiana and if you have kids you love dinosaurs this event is for you.

The exhibit will be in the Cajundome on May 17-19 and it features life-size dinosaurs that move and make sounds, that would startle you and me.

In addition to that, there is a Q&A session where guests can ask questions about their favorite dinosaur.

Kids will also be allowed to interact with the Baby Dinosaur Show and Raptor Training Experience in the dome. Plus, there will be a 60-foot-long, sky-scraping Spinosaurus, an 80-foot-long Apatosaurus, and our gigantic LIFESIZE T.rex.


Can you tell this will be quite the experience for anyone who loves dinosaurs?

In an announcement on social media other features were highlighted like fossil digging, jump houses, coloring stations, crafts, and so much more.

For tickets to this out-of-the-world experience visit the Cajundome website and get ready to experience dinosaurs like you never have.

Take a look at what to expect in Lafayette when the show makes a stop here in May.

One more reminder, don't forget your phone or camera when you attend this event. There will be so many great photo opportunities when the kids experience this exhibit.


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