Moms in Louisiana who may be visiting the beach this summer were reminded of one important practice when leaving the beach.

Getting to the beach in the summer is always so much leaving, but leaving to return home can be a hassle and not much fun for parents.

When it is time to leave, parents are forced to pack up quickly and at times things are left behind and/or forgotten about.

One mom recently went into a social media group and had a great reminder for moms as they pack up from the beach and prepare to return home. She reminded moms to wash things before getting in the vehicle to return home, and she did not mean the clothes worn.

When kids are on the beach they enjoy doing many things like building sand castles, chasing birds, and even collecting shells. Well, when it comes time to go home and leave the beach, the shells collected often find themselves in tow.


Kids love bringing the shells home they have collected and some parents even use them as decor upon returning home. That's where the problem and the warning come from one mom.

In her post on Facebook Crystal Lowden reminded all parents to wash the shells their kids have collected before even packing the vehicle to return home. While the shells may not smell at first if they go unwashed for a few days they can begin to stink, and if you're traveling that makes for a very miserable experience.

Keep in mind there are sea creatures sometimes in these shells and if they are left to die in the shells when they are collected it can make for a stinky experience. So, make sure to always wash the shells the kids collect while at the beach and you may also want to inspect them before you decide to bring them home.

Another parent on the same social media post reminded parents that anything and everything coming out of the water stinks, so be sure to wash the swimsuits and themselves. I thought that was funny and very accurate.


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