A shocking video from New York shows dozens of large rats escaping from under a homeless person's blanket.

The person who shot the video had to have known what was going on there and when they made a noise to alert the person under the blanket, you can see several large rodents run away from where the person was sleeping.

As disturbing as this video is, it is a reminder to all of us that some people out there need help and they need it now. This should never be happening in the United States.

If I didn't know better I'd have thought that this video was shot from a third-world country, and not here in the U.S. Sorry, but no one deserves to live like this in this country.


For a person to be sleeping with rats in a major U.S. city is deplorable and the system has let so many down. Sure, some elect to live this lifestyle, while so many others do not.

This video should wake up a lot of folks and we should demand that we begin to take care of our own who are living on the streets

One more thing, New York City is so infested with rodents that the city has declared a "War On Rats." Yes, there is an actual group of people assigned to catching and removing rats from the city, and sadly this isn't the first time we've seen rats where people are in that city.

Here's the video from the NYC Subway System, and we warn you some may find the footage below to be VERY DISTURBING.


Here's another video of a rat carrying its own slice of pizza in New York. Yes, this is America and this is how dirty some cities are in this country.


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