We have another recall that you should be aware of.

Ford has announced that they are recalling nearly 2 Million SUVs after it was discovered that a trim piece can fly off and create a hazard for other drivers.

According to the recall, the clips that hold the trim near the windshield could get loose, thus allowing the trim on the roof of the vehicle to fly off. If that were to happen, Ford says that this could be a danger to others who are on the roadway.

So which vehicles are part of this recall? It's Explorers from the 2011 through 2019 model years.

Ford Issues Recall On Over 1 Million Ford Explorers Over Steering Safety Issue
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U.S. regulators reportedly determined that the trim flying off of a vehicle is dangerous to others on the roadways, thus that led Ford to recall the SUVs.

Ford says that it expects only 5% of the recalled Explorers to be affected by the problem. However, if you are driving an SUV that falls under this recall, you should contact the dealership where you purchased the vehicle and set up an appointment for an inspection.

While there, inspectors will make sure that the clips on your vehicle are intact and an adhesive will be added to the trim to further anchor it to the SUV. Owners of these SUVs will be notified of their appointments starting March 13.

At this time Ford does not have any evidence of crashes as a result of the trim flying off of one of its SUVs.

Again, even if you do not have an Explorer impacted by this recall, you may want to share this story with others on social media so that they are aware of this potential threat.


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