Tens of thousands of Starbucks products in Louisiana and Texas stores are being recalled because the metallic Starbucks mugs can lead to serious burns.

If you are a regular visitor to a Starbucks location or you go there to purchase gifts then you seriously need to pay attention to this recall.

The Consumer Products Safety Commission says that there have been injuries due to the use of the mugs in the microwave and other situations.

Starbucks Mug Recalled

The real situation is that these mugs are having issues when it comes to being heated or if there is hot liquid in the mugs.

The following are the products and how they were labeled for the holiday season:

  • Starbucks Holiday Gift Set with 2 Mugs
  • Starbucks Classic Hot Cocoa and Mug
  • Starbucks Peppermint and Classic Hot Cocoas and Mug
  • Starbucks Mug 3

    What Is the Threat?

    According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, there have been nine incidents involving these metallic mugs that have led to severe burns/blisters. The people involved had received burns on their fingers and hands.

    In addition to the burns, one person was actually cut when one of the mugs broke. The recommendation from the CPSC obviously is to stop using the mugs immediately.

    Make sure you take a picture of the item(s).

    Starbucks Recalled Mugs

    Is There Good News?

    There is good news associated with this recall. You will get your money back if you purchased one of these mugs. If you prefer, you can have a gift card instead of the cash.

    According to officials, there is a process you need to follow to get your money back. You can take it back to the place you bought it, or you can to visit this website, https://www.nestleusa.com/info/contact-us-landing, and follow these steps:

    Go to the area that reads scroll down and click on "Leave Us a Message"

    • Click on "Complaint"
    • Next, select "Recall" from the drop-down menu
    • Attach a photo of the mug or the gift set identifier code
    • Complete the form and hit send
    • You will not need to have a receipt in order to get your full refund
    Starbucks Code

    The mug sets were sold at the following places:

    • Online
    • In-Store at Target
    • Walmart
    • Nexcom (these are military outlets

    The recall number is 24-171.

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