One car salesman has gotten a lot of attention on social media and we know why after seeing the full photo.

Often when a dealership hires a new person to work their lot, they highlight them on billboards and social media.

Well, that is what one Ford dealership did and they are getting the attention that they may not have gotten in quite some time.

In their social media post, Lithia Ford highlighted their new hire, Trevor Allen. Not only did the dealership welcome him, they also reminded folks that he was ready to serve them if they required a new vehicle.

None of that is why their social media post has gone viral. Their introductory post on Trevor went viral on social media because of the size of Trevor's arms.


Yes, this new hire has spent time in the gym and you can't help but notice how big this guy's arms are, and the internet has reacted.

Here's Trevor, posing for his photo at his new place of employment and you have to believe that he knew what he was doing here.


Now, let's get to some of the more entertaining comments on this photo of Trevor from the Ford dealership.

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