If you are always looking for new and interesting ways to use your iPhone LifeHacker has some new things for you to check out.

One of the ideas from Life Hacker has to do with all of those icons that can pop up on screens in your car.

I happen to have one of those vehicles that most would consider challenging. That's a nice way of writing that my car is only a car in the sense that my friends at Ross Tire & Service keep me constantly rolling.

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I have a vehicle that has a light that comes up on the vehicle pretty much every other week! I'm not exaggerating. So I'm going to take the advice from Life Hacker. I'm going to do a backup on my phone, and then I'm going to install the IOs 17 operating system. They recommend this because it's in the Beta stage so the kinks are still being worked out.


Once you install the new operating system you can take a picture of the dashboard, and find out what the sensor lights are saying is wrong with your car. That cuts down the time on having to pull out the handbook.

You can take your information to an automotive place and hopefully be able to fix it yourself. At least by knowing what's wrong, you can determine whether or not the fix to the situation needs to happen soon or if you can put it off a bit. If the engine light comes on, drive straight to your mechanic or any mechanic, I learned that the hard way.


Did Aunt Linda have an embarrassing moment that was so hilarious it needs to be memorialized into a sticker?

You can now get a sticker from a picture from your iPhone once you download the iOS 17 operating system according to LifeHacker.

When you go to the Photos App, go to want you to want to turn into a sticker, tap and hold. LifeHacker adds,

"You'll also see a menu appear on top of the image. Here, scroll right, and choose the Add Sticker option."

But, what do you do if you are at an event, and you haven't taken a picture yet? Here are the steps that should be followed:

Alternatively, you can start a new sticker from the Messages app. Tap the new Plus menu, choose Stickers, then hit New Sticker. Here, you can choose the photo you want to turn into a sticker. If you choose the "Live" tab from this menu, you'll be able to make a Live Sticker from a Live Photo, which essentially turns your sticker into a GIF sticker.

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