When Using A Debit Card, Should You Select Debit Or Credit?
What is the difference between the 'credit' and 'debit' options when using your debit card? If you use the 'credit' option, does that mean your debit card all of a sudden becomes equal to your credit card? Depending on what option you choose, does the money come out o…
Technology Can Be The Biggest Party Pooper Of Your Life
Take a technology break today. Put down the cell phone and enjoy the life around you. In this 'Daily Message', I borrow a quote from Steven Spielberg. He believes, "Technology can be our best friends". He also thinks, "Technology can also be the biggest party pooper of o…
Tamagotchi Is Making A Comeback
Tamagatchi is taking things to the next level with new features like smartphone connectivity and the ability for your virtual pets to marry someone else’s and have kids.

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