UPDATE: We have a really happy ending to a touching story we shared yesterday. Shortly after our post asking for help identifying a NICU nurse from Women's and Children's Hospital in 1987, I got an email from her family. Positive Identification! Wanda Theriot was one of the life-saving nurses who cared for Tiffany Heck. She is 'alive and doing well' and living in New Iberia according to her daughter.

Thank you, Acadiana! This one feels good.


The Lafayette Memories Facebook page is often a place for reminiscing and talking about the "good old days" in the Hub City. But this weekend, a particular post caught my attention. A woman hoped to identify two nurses who worked at Women's and Children's Hospital in Lafayette in the 1980s.

This may be a long shot but does anyone recognize either of these two NICU nurses from Womens and Childrens? They took care of me December 16-31st, 1987. Because of home video I've always known their faces and their voices but never their names. I would love to have the opportunity to thank them for helping to save my life if possible.


Facebook / Facebook Memories
Facebook / Facebook Memories

As an infant, Tiffany Heck was a tiny patient in the NICU, and the lasting memories of that trying time in her earliest days of life have been shaped by the grainy home video of two nurses taking care of her. Two of the women who were on the team during her stay.

Some Answers... Finally

The faithful followers of Lafayette Memories went to work and soon identified one of the nurses. Heck wrote in an update, "It's been confirmed that the nurse with glasses was Judy Fudge who unfortunately passed away from cancer. Thank you so much to all those who searched and were able to give me a name!

Can you help?

The nurse who appears to have braided blonde hair has yet to be identified. As the original post said, she would have worked at the hospital in December 1987. Can you help?

Facebook / Lafayette Memories
Facebook / Lafayette Memories

The excitement and hope were palpable in a chat with Tiffany Heck Sunday night. It's clear she wants a chance to thank at least one of these women who took such good care of her at the time in her life when she needed it most. She told me,

It would mean more than words can express. How do you properly thank someone who helped save your life? Finding out that Judy Fudge passed away was upsetting, but I intend to honor her by living my life to the fullest. As for the other nurse, I'd love to be able to let her know she's a true miracle worker.

If you have any information on the identity of this woman, reach out to me via email.

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