Louisiana iPhone users, you may want to listen to what Apple is saying about putting your phone in rice in the hope of drying it out.

For years so many of us have dropped and wet our phones and for some reason, we resorted to putting our device in rice to dry it out.

The theory is the rice will absorb the moisture from the phone and your device will begin to work properly once again. Well, Apple is addressing this theory and you may want to see or hear what they are saying.

Apple's iPhones are very sophisticated these days and when wet, you will be notified of such, but according to Apple you never want to embed your phone in a bowl or bag of rice to dry it out.

iPhone Dots
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The company says by doing so you could force small particles, the rice, into your device which will interfere with its normal operation. In addition to that, they say to never use an external heating device to dry your iPhone when it gets wet (hair dryer).

So what are we to do when our phone gets wet? Apple says that you should dry it with a cloth and tap on it to force water particles out. Plus, you can also leave the phone in a dry area with good airflow and allow it to dry.

But putting your phone in rice is to dry the phone is NOT suggested. In addition to that, Apple says to never plug your phone into a USB plug while the device is wet.

I guess this is one hack we can erase from our minds and hope for better results in the event of our phones getting drenched.


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