Will more cities do this?

A city in Florida is getting national attention after they erected dozens of signs throughout the city limits warning drivers of "Smartphone Zombies".

Yes, in Mulberry, FL the city government has taken the initiative to warn drivers to look out for those who may be on their smartphones, with their heads down.

Too often we have all seen someone on their phone while walking and you can't help but wonder if they're going to fall or hit something because they aren't looking ahead.

Mulberry, FL Facebook
Mulberry, FL Facebook

A city official said the signs will be visible near schools and libraries, where a lot of kids walk, while on their phones.

As you may expect, some within the city have mixed feelings about the wording on the signs, but the city of Mulberry says the signs are being locally produced at a low cost.

I ask, how would you feel if signs like this showed up in your town or city? Someone on social media said the signs won't be effective because those who need to read them, drivers, are looking down too at their phones.

Remember this viral video of a woman falling in a fountain, while on her phone? Well, this is why these signs are going up and I predict other cities will erect some likewise.


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