Paying more for everything like food, gas, and everyday items just seems to be a hated trend that seems neverending. And now, many people in Louisiana are going to see their bills for their phone service and internet go up.

It's a neverending cycle of bad news about finances for most of us, and here is another thing that is going to cost up more money. Congress has stalled in working to pay the Affordable Connectivity Program has run out of money.

Most of us might not have even known we were getting this help on our monthly internet and phone bills.

The program has been used throughout Louisiana for thousands of people to help them have access to phone and internet services. Those discounts are going away unless Congress can come with money to inject into the program.

This is in a bulletin from the Federal Communications Commission:

Due to a lack of additional funding from Congress, the Affordable Connectivity Program has ended for now. Effective June 1, 2024, households will no longer receive an ACP discount. 

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What Does This Mean?

That means if you were receiving this help, you no longer will get the $30 discount on your internet service each month.

It also means those receiving the $9.25 discount for phone services will no longer get the discount.

What Can You Do?

The FCC recommends that each customer contact their carrier to find out if there are any other local programs that they may qualify for. Some companies are offering some discounted services for a few additional months.

In addition to calling your providers, you can check out this story to see what might be available:

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