Do you want to eat and drink healthier? If so, you may want to consider adding this app to your phone.

A colleague of mine at the radio station showed me an app on her phone recently, and now I am scanning every item I purchase from a grocery store.

Look, we all want to eat and drink healthier products these days, and sometimes we think that we are. However, often we are putting things into our body that just are not healthy for us.


So, there is an app, and it's free, that allows you to scan items you're considering purchasing and it grades the item on how healthy or unhealthy it is for you.

Not only does this app grade the item you scan, by using its barcode, but the app also tells you why or why not the item you scanned is good or bad for you.

The name of the app that many seem to be using and talking about is called, "Yuka."

Apple App Store
Apple App Store

Is the app 100 percent accurate, probably not, but it does educate consumers on ingredients used in foods and drinks. And get this, if the product you scan is unhealthy for you, the app suggests other products that are healthier for consumption.

So, if you're serious about eating better, give it a try and if it doesn't work for you, simply delete it from your phone and continue on your way.

You can read what some are saying about the Yuka app by clicking HERE.


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