Did you know that nearly 1.5 billion people use an iPhone on a daily basis?

Well, they do and now Apple has issued a warning to those on the iPhone and it comes when the device is being charged.

Apple is warning iPhone users to not charge their phones near them while they are asleep.

In their user guide, Apple is warning users that this bit of technology can be a danger while being charged, even though it is a complex piece of technology.

Apple says, that charging iPhones overnight may result in fire, injury, or electric shock.

Thus, that is why you never want to put your iPhone near you while you're asleep or even have it in your bed with you while it charges.


As a matter of fact, it is probably best to charge your phone while you're awake and nearby so that if something does happen to the phone while it is charging, you can address the issue immediately and safely

Apple acknowledges that iPhone users can use third-party charging devices, but they suggest that you proceed with caution. Some of the charging devices may not be up to spec for the device, thus causing it to catch fire or even overheat.

I can speak from a personal experience here when I say that I have noticed my iPhone is warm/hot when I charge it on a device that is not manufactured by Apple. So please be very careful.

The Street reports that more than 60% of people charge their phones at night, while asleep, and that is why this latest warning has been issued.

Lastly, I'd encourage you to share this bit of information and article with others so that they too are aware of this potential danger. Too many people charge their phones in their bed while sleeping, and everyone needs to be aware of this latest warning.


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